The Long Run

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Formed in 1999 in Los Angeles, this dedicated Eagles tribute band is celebrated for meticulously recreating the iconic band's hits with lush harmonies and authentic musical arrangements, blending classic sounds with a unique live performance style.

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Based in: San Fernando Valley, California

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The Long Run

Formed in 1999 in Los Angeles, TLR (The Long Run) is a dedicated and hard-working Eagles tribute act, committed to faithfully recreating the timeless music of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Their performances are marked by rich vocal harmonies and exceptional musical accuracy, showcasing a deep reverence for the original Eagles recordings while infusing their own unique live-concert personality.

TLR is comprised of seasoned professional musicians who share a love for harmony and a profound respect for The Eagles. Their preparation for performances involved months of meticulous rehearsals, mastering a long list of The Eagles' chart-topping hits. The band's objective was clear: to deliver authentic and captivating live performances that resonate with audiences of all ages.

The Long Run's commitment to authenticity and musical excellence quickly earned them recognition as the premier Eagles tribute band in the country. They are celebrated for their ability to deliver the lush harmonies and intricate instrumental arrangements that are the hallmarks of The Eagles' music. The band continues to captivate audiences, successfully blending the classic Eagles sound with their own genuine live performance style. Their concerts are not just performances but a celebration of The Eagles' musical legacy, offering fans a chance to experience some of the best music ever written in a live setting.

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