Ted Vigil

Recreating the Music of John Denver
Ted Vigil is a singer, songwriter and a tribute artist. He was born in Seattle and raised in the Olympia area. He has been performing from the age of ten throughout school in concert, symphonic and jazz bands developing his talents as a drummer and singer.

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Based in: Seattle, WA

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Ted Vigil

Ted Vigil, a talented singer, songwriter, and tribute artist, has had a passion for music from a young age. Born in Seattle and raised in the Olympia area, he began showcasing his musical abilities at the tender age of ten. His early years were spent honing his skills in various school bands, where he developed a proficiency in both drumming and singing.

Ted's journey as a performer took a significant turn in 2006 when he participated in Talent Quest 2006 in Laughlin, Nevada. This competition, drawing participants from 28 states, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, saw Ted emerge victorious, a testament to his exceptional talent. Following this achievement, he won the NW Afternoon Celebrity Look Alike contest on KOMO TV 4 in Seattle, further establishing his presence in the entertainment world.

Ted's career has since seen him perform across the nation at a variety of venues and events. He has made a notable impact, selling out theaters in Pennsylvania and Kansas, and has even performed twice for John Denver's Windstar Foundation in Aspen, Colorado. Ted's versatility and appeal were also showcased when he joined Darryl Worley and Jimmy Wayne on a country cruise in the Caribbean, hosted by Storme Warren of Great American Country.

In recognition of his rising prominence in the music scene, Ted was honored with the Rising Legend Award by the National Traditional Country Music Association. His performances are particularly remarkable for his collaboration with Steve Wiesberg, John Denver's lead guitarist from the 70s. Wiesberg has praised Ted for his striking physical resemblance to John Denver and the uncanny similarity in their voices, a sentiment echoed by many in the audience. The most common reaction to Ted's performances is one of nostalgia and disbelief, as fans often remark, "I can't believe how much he looks and sounds like John Denver! It really took us back!" This reflects the profound impact Ted Vigil has in keeping the spirit and music of John Denver alive and cherished among fans.

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