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Dean Simmons, "The Garth Guy," is a seasoned and acclaimed tribute artist with over 5,000 live performances spanning 28 years, delivering an unparalleled Garth Brooks experience to audiences worldwide.

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Based in: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Garth Guy

Born and raised amidst the picturesque backdrop of Portland, Oregon, Dean Simmons embarked on a musical journey that echoed through generations. He inherited the legacy of his father, uncle, and grandfather, all of whom paved the way for him in the world of country music. At the tender age of seven, Dean cradled his very first guitar, and by the time he was 14, he was already strumming his way through his inaugural paid gig. His music career began in the Pacific Northwest, where he became a fixture in bars, nightclubs, fairs, and festivals. Notably, he embarked on USO tours, bringing the gift of music to our troops stationed in the United States, the Far East, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific.

In 1994, as Garth Brooks asserted his dominance on the country music charts, Dean Simmons set his sights on crafting a tribute act to honor this modern country music icon. He delved deep into concert footage, not merely to replicate Garth's music but to embody his very essence—the walk, the talk, the laughter, and most crucially, the innate ability to forge a profound connection with an audience. This journey led him to Las Vegas in 1995, where he aspired to transform this vision into a resounding success.

In 1996, the acclaimed producer John Stuart discovered Dean Simmons and promptly enlisted him to perform in the world-renowned "Legends in Concert" in Las Vegas, a stage that would also extend to Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, and numerous tours and one-night performances across the United States and Canada. Harnessing his comprehensive understanding of Garth Brooks' live shows, Dean crafted his very own 90-minute spectacle, a tribute to the essence of Garth's concerts, earning him the moniker "The Garth Guy." The pinnacle of recognition came in 2014 when Dean's "GarthGuy" show graced the national television stage on AXS TV's "World's Greatest Tribute Bands." His virtuoso performances have garnered over one million views on online platforms.

Dean Simmons boasts an astounding 5,000+ live performances over 28 years, solidifying his position as the busiest and most seasoned Garth Brooks tribute artist on the global stage. His unwavering commitment to delivering an authentic Garth Brooks experience, performed with utmost respect and astonishing precision, has resonated with audiences worldwide. "The Garth Guy Show" is an earnest homage not just to Garth Brooks, the music legend, but also to the man himself.

It's worth noting that Dean's musical lineage traces back to his grandfather, the revered country music icon Buddy Simmons, adding yet another layer of significance to his remarkable journey through the world of music.

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